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Deadly Nightshade
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Monday, 7 June 2010

BIG thanks

Hello ladies and gentleman

And thank you to all who attended Secrets of the Boudoir Burlesque Goes to the Circus last night! It was truly a night to remember!

Everyone who attended, performed or contributed in any way made it such a memorable event!

Allow me to give a big round of applause to Warren Peace who whipped us into shape all night as our naughty ringmaster with the best legs (and shoes)! As well as keeping our circus flowing, he also provided us with some great songs and a very hilarious hypnotism show!

Massive thanks to the wonderful Miss Depravity Jane who made the perfect victim for Warren's hypnotism, she also made the perfect cupcakes which were offered around all night...and of course...she opened our circus with the perfect burlesque routine! What would SotBB do without this striking red head?

Let us hear it for the beautiful and sexy Selina Furvelle...she always manages to raise the temperature and get a few pulses racing! Her tarot-reading-gypsy act had us enchanted from beginning to end.

Cheer loudly for our beautiful door girl Scarlet Noir who bravely stepped onto the stage for the very first time with her beautiful twin sister Cherry Du Bois to provide us with a very cute and funny juggling and jiggling routine!  It was a wonderful last minute effort as the pair bravely stepped up to replace Peski De Ville who sadly couldn't make the show due to an ankle injury.  The two twins then dazzled us later on when dancing to 'Big Spender' along with myself as a little treat for the WI!

Whoop and holla at our star attraction Lexi Sexx who intrigued and enchanted us with her beautiful fan dance upon broken, stunning and striking!  It was certainly a routine to remember!  She also wowed our audience with her brilliant walk around act as the 'Grotesque Tattooed Lady'!

What can we say about the wonderful Mistress Mimi?  What a fantastic performance she gave us, a silky smooth voice, dazzling costumes and amazing acting!  She truly made our circus one to remember with her sexy ringmaster act and her melancholy clown act!

Wolf whistle at the hugely talented Duke O'Growl and Dante Powerhouse who sent hearts-a-fluttering and provided us with a gorgeous duet!  The Duke also sang us some other amazing numbers throughout the night and ended our show perfectly with his rendition of 'Cry Me A River'!  What a voice!

Big thanks to Momma O'Growl for reading our palms...she had everyone impressed and was busy all night with people queuing up to see her!

Thank you to our lovely juggler for walking around the crowd and showing of his skills!

And thank you to the great magician Mr BenZ for enchanting people with his magic all night!
Big thanks to Imogen's Imagination and Scarlet Von Harlot for donating some wonderful raffle prizes as well.

Our last thank you goes to Becci, our new door girl, who did a great job and looked beautiful all night!

We would love to see your photos and videos from the event, please feel free to upload them to our Facebook page:

or email them to me at!

Much love,
Deadly Nightshade aka Bella Donna, organiser: Secrets of the Boudoir Burlesque.x

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  1. :0) Very nice and thank you I had a great time and wouldn't have had the nerve to debut without you x